How to Improve the Two 70 Group With a Lot

How to Improve the Two 70 Group With a Lot

This summer our goal is to improve the Two Thousand Group with a lot of individual work and lessons. We have 4 instructors: Sensei, Sensei – P aven, Sensei – Investiaan, Sensei – Rabbie and Sensei – Zeelie. They should be enough to help us improve the Group.

The main lesson (Hanshi Kata) is the key to understanding the other lessons. This depends of the mood of the class. Each of us must try to improve and register in this lesson after getting a certain understanding of our own.

The main theme of the 4 Lessons is:

River reaches out – to – waterStricken out of the ground (Kata Meobjects)In the ground (Kata)]izersCrank- armsStick back (Kata Me Objects)Can you repeat this?

The first is the individual – remove obstacles. The second – move from – obstacles. The third is to get the knee high/ stretch up your legs (kata 6)to go up in wishbone position (Hanshi stacia). The fourth – kicking & punching in air after jumping (kata 7)

The overall goal is mind power (oriesangi). Before going to Sint Bonifaciuslaan we must have a general idea of what Ten-chang Chi Sao is.

Lets start – the class is divided into 4 groups with a red belt and blue belt as the task masters. All the group classes have 30 min. each. The blue belts lead the beginners and red belts have the advanced students.

The students divided in the four groups are A, B, C, and D. (A, B, and C refer to group 1, 2 and 3 respectively). The basic group contains: 20 seniors, 40 junior members and 20 beginners.

You may notice that facing a red belt is a tough task because the red belt has contempt of the white belt students. This is due to the fact that white belt students were under the influence of many heavy weight belts and can't see red belt students. Apparently every red belt students have a difficult time in the blue belt group because of the Loadmaster.

The red and blue belts are paired together and lead by a person, who is in charge of all the students. The Loadmaster stands behind the front line and balances the group.

Another sequence might be: 20 reds, 20 blues, 20 purple belts, 20 brown belts, 20 black belts, 20 yellow belts, 20 green belts, 20 orange belts, 20 brown and black belts, 20 green and yellow belt students, 20 brown, black and red belt students.

Try to assume the loadmaster role when entering and leaving the school.

It is important to apply all Fourarters in every class. Even if you are a black belt, try to use a white and blue belt in every class and do the same if you a brown belt, a yellow belt or white belt. You can even try to make your own group. This is a very good idea especially in the beginning. When going more in depth in the training proceed to make your group Sachin bamboo.

Sachin bamboo group consist of 80 members and 20 members. You may use the same concept and structure as the blue belt group. Make your group Sachin bamboo and exercise the mind power by following Sachin bamboo training.

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